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Familiars Sketch Marathon ☠∲

Familiars come in all shapes and sizes, whether they act as a guide or a servant, a friend and companion, or another self.  Taking requests characters that you love and a familiar that would fit them perfectly.  No witches or magic skill required, as all will be loved if submitted.

♥ Bonus points for symbolic animal references ♥ 

1 ♥ Chibi Warm up ♥ Open!
2 ♥ Regular Request Spot ♥ Open!
3 ♥ Regular Request Spot ♥ Open!
4 ♥ Regular Request Spot ♥ Open!
5 ♥ Premium Request Spot ♥ Open!

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Requests are now open for the June 16th Sketch Marathon Session: Elementals!

Earth, wind, fire, water... Ice!  Electricity!  Any character that harnesses a basic element (of any type!) is on the menu.  Feel free to submit OCs and opportunities for Nen to character design something brand new for you!

1 ♥ The Human Torch ♥ bedlamnac
2 ♥ Rachel Summers - Phoenix ♥ local_loonybird
3 ♥ Shiva - Final Fantasy 10 ♥ Kyahnajade
4 ♥ Premium Sketch Request ♥ Open!

As always, reservations are made on Calendly.

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Tarot Sketch Marathon ☠∲

Requests are open for characters to fill the role of one of the Major Arcana cards.  Do you know a character that reminds you of The Sun?  Or The Moon?  Perhaps one that can stand in for Judgment or someone who fills the role of The Wheel of Fortune?  Put your request in soon!  The cards await your input.

For more inspiration, check out this wikipedia list or your local occult store for more information.

1 ♥ Shion from No. 6 - The Magician ♥ meridianfey
2 ♥ Ladybug & Chat Noir - The Lovers  ♥ kaylee_mae_
(Possible third request!)
3 ♥ Mollymauk / Critical Role - The Hanged Man ♥ Ashraiel

As always, reservations are made on Calendly.

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Revenge of the FIFTH! ☠∲

This time honored holiday allows us to request homages of our heroes and villains from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

  • 1:00 PM Warm Up Chibi - Seagull Beleaguered Yoda ♥ bedlamnac
  • 2:00 PM ♥ Rebel Heart's Darkside Counterpart ♥ AMPdUzi
  • 4:00 PM ♥ Boba Fett ♥ MorticiaRayne
  • 6:00 PM ♥ Sabine ♥ VoodooJew
  • 8:00 PM ♥ Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic ♥ Garrett1331m

All requests handled through calendly.com/nen


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